Why Not More?

Let me ask you a question: if you were able to help more people than you currently are, would you do it?

A prediction: many people reading this (if many people read it) will say a knee-jerk "yes." Others will feel a pang of anxiety. Because helping more people sounds, you know, like more work.

More work = more time = more energy = less time on twitter and facebook and with friends and watching The Bachelor or ESPN = less happiness.

But what if I told you that you could help more people and it would actually give you energy, focus your time, make you more productive and increase your happiness?

Again, to some of us we may say, "That sounds great!" But still, we may be a little nervous. A little skeptical, even. There may be a voice that says, "What are you trying to sell, here?"

Where does this voice inside of me come from that is amazing at finding reasons why the impact on the world I'm currently having is good enough?

When I throw an event that I think will help people I find a dozen ways to be satisfied with how many people showed up, even if fewer people showed up than I wanted. Even if the reason fewer people showed up is because I didn't put in the work ahead of time.

"Well, I guess that's who was supposed to show up." I tell myself. The seductive lie of mediocrity.

If I do my best and the event flops, that's one thing. But that happens less often than I'd like to admit.

For some reason I like to keep things manageable.

But I won't reach my full potential keeping things "manageable."

So what's it going to take to help us relentlessly ask the questions, "What more can I do? How else can I help? If I don't have more time, how can I work smarter? If I'm serving 5 people, how can I serve 50. If I'm serving 10 how can I serve 100?"

And how can we not only serve more, but also have more energy and enjoy the process while we serve?

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