What's Your Filter (Part 2)

On an earlier post I asked the question "What's Your Filter?"

All of us have a kind of filter for how we see the world.  How we choose what to interpret as beautiful or healthy or good.  Good has a tendency to hide everywhere.  It hides in science and philosophy.  It hides in different and conflicting models of government and political theory and (occasionally) conflicting political parties.  It even hides in different religions.

There is something beautiful in every faith tradition-- in Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Scientology, Judaism, Humanism and other isms not yet labeled by Humanity-- all have elements of beauty and potential abuses by the same Humanity that labels them.

But no matter what your perspective on conflicting political parties, scientific theory or religion, everybody has a filter that shapes what our views on good and evil are and everyone's filter is shaped by something

So when my friend Michael asked me what my filter was I gave my answer.  The filter I try to use-- as best I can in my own clumsy way-- when it comes to searching for Good; the tuning fork I use to find my resonance with beauty; the water stick I use to find pools of compassion, intelligence and life...

...is this troublesome, 1st century, middle-eastern rabbi by the name of Yeshua.  It may sound narrow or obscure, but as best as I can tell the way he saw the world-- the way he lived and related to other people-- was captivating, compassionate, provocative, and often-times uncomfortably honest.  He was counter-intuitive and is-- to me-- strangely attractive.  He compels me the way Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King, Jr. or Gandhi does.  And yet these titans of humanity were strangely attracted to this Yeshua as well.

I don't always get it right (less than I probably think).  I've got a long way to go (I can't wait).  But Jesus (Yeshua) is my filter.

And he finds good in the strangest of places.

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