Recently I have fallen in love with going on walks.

I like the feeling of going on a walk with someone.  Sometimes you talk, sometimes you don't.  Depending on who the person is you hold hands or maybe you just walk along side each other.  You know the other person is there even if you're not looking at them.  I like to go on walks alone, too.

On walks I like the sound of lawnmowers in the distance.
I like the sounds of birds arguing with each other about something that has nothing to do with you.
I like the slow, steady progress of even doing the same 4 block loop over and over.
I like ducking for branches and hearing the pat shuffle pat of my own footsteps.

I pray when I walk.  Talking to God for me is a lot like trying to get a child with ADD to sit still.  I don't think He minds, though.  And I'm glad to just sort of go on a walk with God, too.  Not always talking.  No pressure.  Occasionally asking Him for a miracle here or there.

Sometimes I listen to music.  John Mayer Trio is good walking company.  And often times people drive by staring at the guy walking down the sidewalk doing air guitar solos.  Doesn't bother me. I'm getting my jam on.

I really like going on walks at dusk.  When the sun bends over the far corners of the earth just to light the clouds at new angles.  It's at this time that Life just gets home from work, kicking off its shoes and sighing from a hard day's work.

I like that these things all happen whether or not I'm around.

People mow lawns.  Birds sing.  The clouds bask and pose in the sun's fading light.

All of it kind of goes on unaware of me.  Yet I still feel privileged to be able to see it, feel it, take a stroll in it.  While it happens with or without me it still feels like somehow its a gift for me...and for anyone else with the time to look up or listen or put one more step in front of the other.  It feels like I'm getting to watch something special, like I'm at the Grand Canyon or at a wedding or waiting to hold my first child.

It makes me grateful to be alive and it helps me feel like no matter what the next turn around the corner brings, everything is going to be okay.

In many ways I'm baffled it's taken me this long to discover these things called "walks."  Maybe I was too busy before, which now seems like being too busy to breathe.  It strikes me that these moments have been available to me every dusk since the day I could walk.  The sun has been setting, the clouds have been showing off, the birds have been chattering for years without my recollection or enjoyment.

Makes me wonder what else is out there to be enjoyed that I simply haven't noticed yet.

Let's go find out.

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