The Wisdom of Criminals

The past few months I've been hanging out regularly with a group of friends to encourage one another.  Most of the people in the group have spent at least 2 years in prison.

One guy had been in prison for over 25 years. 

Sharing a meal every week with these guys was a privilege and an honor.  They had a wisdom that I aspire to have - not because of their years in jail - but because of their willingness to own their life choices.  

On one particular night, one of my friends turned to another in the group and asked this question that has stuck with me the past few weeks:

"If we had just shown up to work every day - where would we be now?"

He was talking about how not showing up to work had put him in a literal prison.  But the same question applies to you and me.

We all live in a kind of prison of our own self-imposed limitations (as opposed to actual limitations), or of bitterness, resentment, shame, compulsive behaviors, etc. 

Every second I waste being angry at something I can't change,

    Every second I confuse worry with work,

        Every second I make excuses rather than take responsibility,

            Every second I get stuck in stories about how

                I can't be happy until _______,

                    Is a second I can never get back.

"If we had just shown up to work every day - where would we be now?"

If I show up to work every day - the work of my relationships, of my career, of enjoying my life in healthy ways, in taking responsibility for my life, in serving others, the work of gratitude and trust...

...imagine where I'll be tomorrow.

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