The Time I Laughed So Hard I Wet My Pants

This month celebrates the 30th anniversary of the most brilliant stand-up comedy special in the history of the genre.

Bill Cosby: Himself.

For some reason I love knowing that comedians like Ray Romano, Sarah Silverman and Jerry Seinfeld all agree that Bill's performance in June of 1983 was so iconic, so genius, so perfect that it inspired and defined an art form for generations to come.

I remember - in a weird way - understanding that even as a kid.  I had to have been around 10 years old and - by the grace of God - my parents let me watch this piece of comedy platinum.  I remember they were excited (they ended up taping it and I've watched it since over 100 times).  My parents loved Cosby.  I often tell my friends that my dad is a mix of Tim Allen (complete with 'Home Improvement' grunts), Steve Martin and Bill Cosby.  I often times see him lapse into a "Cosby Show" kind of humor and tone. It's one of my favorite things about him.

So, I remember it was a Sunday night and my parents were making breakfast-for-dinner (our staple Sunday night dish).  The smell of eggs-over-easy and toast to eventually dip in the egg yolk was in the air and you could hear the sound of my mom stirring the tang in her comfortable blue robe before dinner was ceremonially served. 

Bill Cosby: Himself was on TV.

I was on the couch.  Laughing so hard I couldn't breathe.

I don't remember if it was The Dentist bit, or the Chocolate Cake bit or even the "I'm 4-Years-Old" bit, but somewhere in the middle of his 110 minutes of effortless hysteria, between gasps and gallons of serotonin dumping into my brain like Niagara Falls, I accidentally rolled off the couch and when my little 10-year-old boy frame hit the ground...

...I wet my pants.  Just a little bit.

I didn't care.  I never told anybody.  I just kept watching.  It was that good. (Also, it was a Disney version that didn't have the cocaine jokes in it).

And so, in honor of the 30th anniversary, below is the youtube link to watch all 110 minutes of Bill Cosby: Himself.  I hope you enjoy it even 1/100th of how much I have over the years.

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