The First Thing(s) I Do Every Morning

Here's what I used to do every morning:

Wake up. Grab phone. Email. Facebook. Instagram. Zite News App. (Maybe) Read Scriptures. Back to Facebook. Back to Instagram. Back to Zite News.

You get the idea.

Then I downloaded this app for my phone which helps you track habits you want to build (or break - I've used it for both) called Way of Life.

Now my routine looks like this (you'll recognize the first step still - so sue me):

A few things to note:

1.  The first item on the list is muy importante.  The longer I can go through my day without interacting with social media or news the more productive, creative and downright happier I am.

2. I get up earlier than 11am.  That's just when I took the screen shot.  :)

3.  This is a partial list.  The rest includes exercise, making breakfast and other such habits.

The point is that this routine makes all the difference.  I have a great morning most mornings once I do my routine.  I give myself 30 minutes to do everything on it and it helps me have a sense of centeredness, hope and energy for the day.

What's your routine?  What works for you?  What doesn't work for you?

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