Spark Good in China

Sam's friend sparking good in Hangzhou, China.
Fellow Sparker Sam Pike is leading a Spark with college students at Zhejiang Financial College in Hangzhou, China.

Here's his story:

"The urge to do a China Spark group grew out of a desire to engage in meaningful conversations with the students surrounding me."

"Often, they allow their excitement at speaking with a foreigner to overload all other thoughts or emotions. While normally hilarious, such responses also get tiresome and leave [my colleagues] and I looking for ways to move beyond those jittery interactions."

"We started holding it at a tea house next to the dorms, normally drawing an interested and engaged crowd. While there are certainly better weeks than others, the group is gaining confidence and continually choosing more meaningful sparks.  In fact, last week we had a girl decide to call up her father who has refused to talk with her for the past four years."

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