Passion. Skills. Opportunity.

I love it when things are simple.

Of course, things are hardly ever simple.

Yet this has been helpful for me: passion, skills and opportunity. These are the three things you need to grow in your life. These are three tools you can use to help others.

Ever feel like you're burning out? 90% of the time it's not fatigue or busyness that's the problem. It's your passion. You've lost sight of why what you're doing is really, really important.

Ever feel like what you're doing is not working? Before you blame everyone else, probably what you need are better skills.

Ever feel bored? Or maybe frustrated that you can't do more? What you're missing is opportunity. You either need to work it out with the powers that be or start creating new opportunities for yourself.

On the flip side, this applies to leading others as well.

If we help people cultivate passion and give them opportunity but we don't help them develop their skills, their impact will be small and they'll be discouraged.

If we help people develop skills and give them opportunity but ignore their passion, they'll burn out and stop caring.

If we give them passion and develop their skills but don't give them opportunity to stretch their wings, they'll get frustrated and eventually leave.

So what do you need? What about the people you lead?

Do they need more passion? Do they need to see why what they're doing is important?

Do they need better skills? Do they need practical, tangible ways to move forward?

Do they need opportunity? Do they need stretching tasks or projects that really challenge them to become who they want to be?

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