Create Change.

Creating change in the world sounds so intimidating, doesn't it?

I mean, where do we start? The problems are so big.

Sometimes because we don't know where to start we never start at all. Sometimes the problem seems so big that we decide to not tackle it.

Granted, this doesn't stop people with genuine courage. But it might stop you sometimes and it certainly has stopped me more times than I'd like to admit.

So here is a 3-step process to get you going in the right direction. Each step is more complicated than it sounds, but this offers a kind of big-picture outline for how things-- almost anything-- gets started.

1. Model what you really are about.

This is the sincerity-o-meter. Before you call anyone to anything you've got to live it yourself. The blood has got to be on your sleeve before others will bleed with you. Take a cue from Ghandi and start volunteering before you ask others to.

2. Invite them into your modeling lifestyle.

Anything worth doing can't be done alone. Especially if you care about making real change rather than just clocking in and having "doing good" on your to-do list. Once you own it, invite others in. What you're doing is important-- it's worth people giving up an hour, or two hours or money or whatever.

3. Challenge them to challenge others.

This is the last step that most people forget and is also the step leaders jump to too quickly. This is where you challenge the people who come with you who are now-- because of you-- modeling themselves something worth giving their lives to-- to bring their friends along side them.

Step one is self-leadership, step two is others-leadership, and step 3 is cultural leadership. It can be you, then one friend and then 5 of you together doing stuff. Or it can be you, then 10 friends and then 100. Or it can be you, then 50 and then 500.

Either way, you have to ask yourself: how much potential do I have to create positive change in the world? It's not about whether you're as talented as so-and-so, it's about what you are capable of creating. What is the size of the wake you are capable of?

It's probably bigger than you think.

So Model. Invite. Challenge.

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