A few "Clicks" buys Beds for the Homeless

An excerpt from an email I got yesterday from my friend Josh:

Hey buddy -

Thought you might like this since it is a direct result of one of your Spark Groups.

If you remember, Jenn Kenning took on a risk to start a Non-Profit during one of the Spark Group's back in January at Jonn Hipp's house. Well it is  underway and I am on the Board of Directors and have been a part of it since the beginning. 

We were just approved last night as a Finalist from over 1000 submissions for a $250K Grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project:

Our first project will be to provide 71 full-size beds and bedding essentials to the Los Angeles Downtown Women's Shelter by December 1, 2010 for use in their new shelter building and then an additional 53 Full-Size beds and bedding essentials by June 2011 for use in the newly renovated Original Women’s Shelter building.

The new Non-Profit is called A Good Night's Sleep.  The genesis of this project was actually inspired from both the book "Wide Awake"by Erwin McManus and the movie the Blind Slide.

To help out our friend Jenn simply go to the link below, register and rock the vote.

Spark on!


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