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Jason is a coach, speaker, author and social innovator for cultural change. He is a founding partner of Novus Global, an elite executive coaching firm offering workshops, keynotes and coaching to help great leaders and companies take new ground in personal mastery, large scale organizational change, and high performance. His first book, Spark: Transform Your World One Small Risk at a Time, explores how the habit of taking healthy risks help us become the people we long to be and create the teams we long to be on. Jason is also the Founder of Spark Good, a company passionate about creating tools, media and communities that unleash human potential. Jason is the inventor of Spark Groups, a small group experience that over 10,000 people have participated in worldwide.

Before starting Spark Good, Jason worked for Erwin McManus at Mosaic, a community dedicated to to bringing dignity to other's spiritual journeys and known throughout the world for its cultural creativity and cosmopolitan diversity. He co-authored group material with Erwin McManus to CRAVE and Stand Against the Wind, available through LifeWay Resources.

Jason has a Masters of Theology from Golden Gate Seminary and a Masters in Entrepreneurial Leadership from the Mosaic Leadership Centre.

Jason has worked with a variety of organizations across the country such as NBC Universal, Chick-Fil-A, Walt Disney Animation Studios, United Way Worldwide, Starbucks, as well as universities and faith-based organizations throughout the United States, Australia, Canada and South Africa. His work has been featured by The Huffington Post, Entertainment Weekly, Perez Hilton and The Wrap.

Jason occassionally teaches at Pepperdine University and lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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Develop the Art of Self-Challenge

Tired of dreaming about changing your life? Ready to change it? You came to the right place.

Jason Jaggard has developed a simple, direct way to practice the art of self-challenge. It requires a willingness to take healthy risks and is energized by the involvement of a small group of fellow risk-takers.

Here are just a few of the Spark insights that lead to lasting change:

·  More resources are available to you than you realize.
·  Living a changed life works best when a few friends get involved.
·  When you relearn what “good” is, you experience more goodness in your life.
·  Taking a healthy risk is always worth it, even if you fail.

When you practice the art of self-challenge, you notice that your life and the world around you start changing for the better. It involves doing the one thing that only you can do: take responsibility for your life. So go ahead and take your first risk: open this book and start reading.

“I expected to come away from reading Spark impressed with Jason Jaggard’s thoughts and encouraged by his stories. But I was also inspired to start taking my own risks to make a difference in small ways and big. This book is a valuable tool for anyone looking to move from contemplating life to fully living it.”
— Mike Gogis, Willow Creek Association chief financial officer

“Jason’s flair for writing makes Spark as enjoyable to read as it is insightful. His drumbeat is that small risks often lead to dramatic transformations. Jason offers encouragement to everyone who seeks to make their lives and the world around them better, one risk at a time.”
— Andrew K. Benton, president of Pepperdine University

Speaking Schedule

Speaking Requests

Jason's keynote and workshop style has been described as challenging, hilarious, brilliant, conversational, and inspiring.

Possible Topics Include:
- Identifying and Maximizing Your Uniqueness
- How To Create a Culture of Initiative
- Locating and Developing Leaders in Your Community
- Unleashing the Power of Community
- Leveraging The Role of Failure towards Success
- The Process that Leads to Progress
- Developing a Habit of Healthy Risk Taking
- How To Diagnose Your Culture and It's Invisible Influence
...and more.

Before requesting a date, please check out Jason's speaking schedule to make sure there are not any conflicts with previous commitments.

Please email any speaking requests to booking@jasonjaggard.com


  • I can't remember win...

    [When I moved from the Carolinas to Massachusetts for school] most of the white Southerners at the time could recite long lists of battles lost and won and argue over the relative merits of Confederate generals. In the North, nobody knew or cared very much about the war, even in a school where many of the students bore surnames made glorious by the exploits of their ancestors in Union arms.]

    Walter Mead in his book God and Gold calls this observation 'victor's amnesia.' Mead's point is that there is a tendency for winners in conflict to move past the pain, triumph, and struggle of the past and to move on toward a hopeful and 'peaceful future'-- a pax nike-- one winners forced into existence.

    Losers, on the other hand, remember with great pain and agony the trials of defeat. They memorialize it in their history and culture. 'Let us never forget what they did to us!' becomes a mantra and is increasingly ingrained into the cultural ethos as the victors become villains and the vanquished become victims.

    Think about it: who usually says 'let's just let bygones be bygones'? The Winner or Loser? Always the winner. Why is it that winners are so eager to forgive and forget?

    Because they won.

    This doesn't make the victor more virtuous. In fact, often times a victor's willingness to move on is an indictment of their unwillingness to look at their mistakes. They're not seeking to forgive and forget. They want to forget, and so they forgive.

    I can't help but wonder: when Jesus defines the essence of kindness as embracing those who do not embrace us, I wonder if he would redefine the essence of victory as embracing those who did not win?

    If we can only remember who they were...

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