6 Reasons I Love My Kindle (For Now)

I know, I know. The iPad is way cooler. Besides, both the kindle and the iPad are super expensive.  If it wasn't for Sarah getting me a kindle for my birthday I wouldn't have been able to afford it.


Here are 6 reasons I love my kindle (for now).

1. I bought it used for $100 off.

2. I love that when I was in Mexico I could download books, newspapers and magazines, google and wikipedia for free when everyone else was complaining about international roaming charges.

3. I like to highlight and take notes. I like it even more when the kindle bundles all my notes and highlights from a book into one location and emails it to me as a separate document.

4. I thought I was going to miss the "holding a book and turning the pages" thing. Let me be clear: I don't and you won't.

5. Public domain books are available for free. Since my favorite author is G.K. Chesterton and he wrote in the early 20th century, nearly everything he ever wrote is now on my Kindle for free.

6. As primitive as it is, the e-ink reader technology turns about as many heads as the iPad does. It's still in the early phases of development but it is truly easy on the eyes (especially outdoors). To me, this is the one true advantage over the iPad.

To see where e-ink tech is headed in the near future watch this youtube video.

We should all get excited when there is a low cost device that has the iPad's versatility on a high resolution e-ink technology video touch screen like future kindles.

I give it about 2 years to come out.  4 years to be low cost.

See you in the future.

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