??? = Fun

Yesterday I was playing with my nephew, Xander.

We were in my parent's backyard (aka the Indian Ocean). The swing was a pirate ship. The dog was a dolphin. The evergreen tree was a Japanese commerce ship that couldn't carry weapons until an amendment to archaic laws crawled its way through their sluggish democracy.

(Who says you can't do current events and play at the same time?)

Needless to say, we were the pirates. And we do what all Somalian pirates do:

We make up songs that go to "A Pirates Life for Me."

As we were getting into the 32nd verse, I started to explain to him what it was like for me to play in the back yard when I was a kid.

"The trees were smaller...and there were no fences. So the ocean was like, 50 times bigger."

"Whoa," says Xander.

Whoa indeed. "A PIRATE'S LIFE FOR ME!!"

One time for a date with the lady who is now my wife, I bought a kids board game and some legos. Now, that might not sound very romantic...but it was totally awesome. I think she had a good time...and I KNOW I did.


And it reminded me of when I was a kid. When I was a kid, we made cross-bows out of legos. We rode our bikes for miles without touching the handle bars and we made (really bad and rarely finished) short films (complete with Miles Davis soundtracks).

In short: we played. We played a lot.

And I was wondering why I don't play as much anymore.

When was the last time we played? When was the last time we left the edit button behind and spontaneously sang whatever came to our minds?

My roommates (before I got married) would unexpectedly burst into song when one of us was in the shower while the other two got ready to go...wherever it was we might be going. Mostly Oldies. It was awesome.

I listen to NPR a lot...but sometimes I just gotta put on John Mayer Trio and turn my steering wheel into a drum set and the stopped traffic on the 110 into a captive audience.

Recently I got to write and direct two short films. I gotta be honest: I have not had that much fun in a long time. I mean, my job is a lot of fun. But storyboards, working with amazing people, laughing, telling stories. It was fun.

Legos with my wife = fun.

Short films with friends = fun.

Improv Pirate songs with my nephew = fun.

What goes on your list? And how can you add to it and live with it more often?

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