the founder of Novus Global, a tribe of elite executive coaches who work with Leaders of Fortune 500 Companies, Professional Athletes and World Renowned Artists to create lives, teams and companies that go beyond high performance. He is also the co-founder of The Meta Performance Institute for Coaching, a 12-month executive coaching certification that trains individuals to develop coaching practices that serve high performing leaders. His first book, “Spark: Transform Your World One Small Risk at a Time” is available wherever books are sold. Jason lives in Los Angeles, CA.


“I cannot speak highly enough about Jason’s incredible ability to unearth the potential in others.”


“Passionate and energetic! Jason’s impact lasted long after we had our session.”



While Novus Global serves thousands of clients annually, Jason chooses to work with less than 10 clients a year. For Jason, one-on-one coaching is a sacred space. His coaching is not for everyone. With rare exception, Jason works with those who have already experienced a great deal of success and are longing to grow themselves and their teams past previous definitions of high performance. His clients are radically committed to grow not only in their leadership but also their legacy with a deep yearning to make a positive, global, multi-generational impact both relationally and financially. To take the first step in exploring if this kind of coaching is your next investment, click the button below.

Work With Jason

The Session: $10,000
– 2 hours “be with”
– In person

The Season: $50,000
– 12 hours
– Approximately 8 sessions
– Approximately 3 to 4 months
– 2 in person sessions
– the rest is video conference

The Standard: $100,000
– 25 hours
– Approximately 16 sessions
– Approximately twice a month
– 9 to 10 months
– three in person sessions
– the rest is digital
– one full day immersion with client / family / team

The Double Standard: $200,000
(Only 2 per year – 1 Current Opening Available)
– 50 hours
– Approximately 40 sessions
– Approximately 12 to 14 months
– 4 sessions in person
– the rest is digital
– 2 day immersion for client/family/team

The Summit: $500,000
(Only 1 Per Year – Next Opening Available: July 2020)
– 100 hours
– Approximately 75 sessions
– Approximately 14 to 16 months
– all coaching is in person – I fly to you or you fly to me
– coaching can be with client or client’s family/team
– 4 Full Day Immersions

The One Seven Club: $1M
(Only 1 Per Year – Next Opening Available: March 2021)
– On Inquiry Basis Only

Reminder: not everyone resonates with this kind of coaching. Here’s how to know if working with Jason isn’t for you:

  • If you blame your problems on external circumstances
  • If you think it’s the coach’s job to tell you what to do
  • If you’re doing this because someone else is paying for it and you don’t want to look bad by turning it down
  • If you’re committed to being defensive or being right during feedback
  • If you do not want to have a vision that requires you to grow
  • If you’re unwilling to be vulnerable and explore your weaknesses
  • If you’re not open to new ways of looking at a situation that you’re currently sure you’re right about
  • If you’re unwilling to experiment with new behaviors
  • If you’re unwilling to stay with new behaviors
  • If you’re unwilling to suffer for the results you want to create
  • If you’re not excited about exploring generosity and leaving a positive impact in the world

Coaching can overcome these challenges, but the client must be willing.

What clients are saying:

Jason and the Novus team are spectacular. It’s no coincidence that in my first year working with Jason, we had our most successful year ever. Profit jumped by over 50%. But more than just improved business performance, Jason cares (loves actually) and he has had a huge impact on me personally. Jason is brilliant (one of the sharpest minds I know) and wise beyond his years, I’ve been so impressed with Novus that we’ve extended our relationship and now all of my directors are in coaching with them.

– Steven Anson, CEO of Vortala

The work that I have done with Jason has allowed me to become a new person in my thoughts and actions.  I have recognized patterns in my career and in my home life that were not resourceful and I have now pivoted into new thinking and actions.  This has made me a much stronger leader who now empowers people and allows me to move my company to much bigger targets than we have ever imagined.  I have exposed Jason and the Novus Global team to my leadership team and they are craving more.  They are now moving to bring maximum value for my company like I have never seen before.  I am grateful to Jason for his passion for me and my company.

Bill Foy, SVP of Denso

I was searching for the means to grow personally and pass that on to our associates. After listening to Jason speak at a conference, I knew Novus Global was the organization to help me do that. The entire team has grown as a result and we’re achieving outcomes I wouldn’t have considered possible in such a short time span. The work has been exceedingly transformative, exciting and challenging at the same time. Becoming a powerful coach and helping my team grow has been immensely rewarding.

– Tony Verplank, CEO of Shape Plastics

“We have been working with Jason Jaggard and the Novus Global team for five years.  He has been an integral part of changing the mindset of our entire organization. Virtually every person in our company has had the chance to be coached by, or participate in a seminar led by, Jason and his team. We consider Jason’s team an integral part of our success and a very positive influence on the continued development of our leaders and associates.”

– Pete Ruppert, CEO of Fusion Education Group

“In my first year working with Jason, we had our most successful year ever.”


“We’re achieving outcomes I wouldn’t have considered possible in such a short time.”



With a passion for challenging companies and individuals to explore what they’re capable of, Jason has worked with a variety of organizations across the country such as NBC Universal, Chick-Fil-A, Disney Animation Studios, United Way Worldwide, Starbucks, as well as universities and faith-based organizations throughout the United States, Australia, Canada and South Africa. His work has been featured by The Huffington Post, Entertainment Weekly, Perez Hilton and The Wrap.


The single best staff development in the past 9 years. A huge thanks to Jason Jaggard!”


“We invited Jason to speak to our entire university… They loved his inspiring style and challenging message.”



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